The Muse Story

About MUSE 

(Muse is the acronym for Make-Up Skincare Essentials)

We are an online retailer for Asian beauty products, focusing mainly on Korean cosmetics. Muse is founded on a very simple ideology which is to select brilliant products that are great in value and market them direct to the end users – you.

Extraordinarily simple,

There are two parts to our business as we see it. The first will be our customers. For us, it is to make the entire process of retailing to its simplest form. Great products by a click or a touch away, mailed to you in a day or two.

Exquisitely selected.

The second part will be the long and tedious process of bringing the best of Korean cosmetics to you. We handpicked our products in the country of origin and import them directly. Only two things come to mind when we choose; functionality and value.

We are the beauty hunters

Muse is founded by Cindy with a lifelong commitment and passion for beauty. She takes with her 5 years of professional experience abroad and has since been stuck with the idea of bringing Asian cosmetics to her home.

This is where it all started.. 

and shall never end.